Tuesday, 31 March 2009

BBC 1 F1 Commentary Team - Could it be any worse ??

The long anticipated 2009 Formula 1 season kicked off in Australia last weekend.

I, no doubt in the company of many thousands of like minded petrol heads across the UK, dragged myself out of my lovely warm cosy bed at the crack of dawn on the Sunday morning to "enjoy" the BBC's new coverage of the sport.

A coverage without irritating ad breaks after every five laps, I thought, and, even more importantly,.... a coverage without that reedy voiced twat James Allen who had not, (thank God), been invited to cross over the channels from ITV.

Could this possibly be as a result of Sniff Petrol's long running "Stop the Cock" campaign? We will probably never know for sure.

What a dissapointment. It was dull, dull, dull.

To my horror it would appear that the BBC have decided to employ their own replacement for the Cock - one Jonathan Legard.

Who's he? I hear you ask. Yes, the same question has crossed my mind too!

As the transmission went on, I felt my hand wandering towards the screen as if it wanted to reach towards his neck to end his incessant torrent of drivel.

Perhaps Sniff Petrol will have to start a new campaign?

Why oh why couldn't the BBC have enticed Murray Walker out of retirement or given the job to a decent commentator like Ben Edwards?

In their infinate wisdom, the BBC have employed another wooden plank - Jake Humphrey.

He appears to be as enthusiastic about Formula 1 as I am about ballet dancing!

Add to that a drippy pit lane reporter - Lee McKenzie (the poor cow looked like a rabbit in the headlights when interviewing Lewis Hamilton) and the biggest whinger in Formula 1, David Coulthard.

The only small ray of sunshine, apart from the Beeb's one sensible decision - to keep Martin Brundle on board, was when Eddie Jordan had a dig at that smarmy self publicist Richard Branson.

Eddie asked, Why had Branson suddenly decided to sponsor a Formula 1 team now?

Branson started to spout some tosh about not wanting to see a wonderful British team go down the pan (Honda??? - British???) blah blah.

Eddie countered with - What about all the letters the BRITISH team Jordan had sent to Virgin over the years asking for sponsorship?

An embarassed Branson quickly changed the subject......

You can read the L2F Australian GP report here

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Welcome to the Lights 2 Flag Blog

A very warm welcome to the Lights 2 Flag blog.
This blog is written by a forty something motor sports fan who was brought up within earshot of the world famous Brands Hatch motor circuit in Kent, UK.
Over the coming months I hope you will enjoy reading my personal thoughts and observations on the unfolding 2009 motor racing season from Formula 1 to all the tin top action.
You are welcome to leave your comments and feedback at any time!