Monday, 8 March 2010

Ten Predictions for the 2010 Formula 1 Season

As we approach the start of another season of F1 this weekend, I thought I'd share a few of my predictions with you.

I will warn you now, some of them are a bit tongue in cheek!

If you agree or disagree with me, please feel free to leave a comment or abuse (as appropriate).

1. 90 seconds

I'm sure many of you will agree with this one.... the amount of time it will take me to hurl abuse or possibly a heavy object, if one is to hand, at my telly when Jake Humphrey's soppy face appears and he starts to spout the usual fatuous drivel.

2. 95 seconds

The amount of time it will take me to get wound up by everyone on BBC F1 commentary being
referred to by their f*cking initials.

Are you listening EJ and DC?

3. The end of the first race (1)

Before one team will lodge a complaint of a technical rules against another team. There are already rumours that some are questioning the McLaren rear wing....

4. Massa to win Bahrain GP

I don't believe this to be beyond the realms of possibility.

The Ferrari car is good based on Winter testing. Massa goes well in Bahrain. All the hype is about Alonso so the pressure is off Massa.

This would get the season off to a great start and piss Alonso off at the same time - win win in my book.

5. End of the first race (2)

Before one of the established teams (probably Ferrari) registers a formal complaint about one of the new teams (probably Virgin or HRT) being too slow, holding up the front runners etc etc.

6. End of the third race

Before Massa and Alonso start to squabble.

7. Schumacher to win at least one race

I'll stick my neck out and say Schumacher to win at least one race this year. Probably somewhere like Monaco where outright pace isn't the only factor or Spa where the weather can play a role.

8. Button to lose his title

Jenson Button will not retain his title by the end of the season. It is hard to say who will walk away with the title but I'm pretty sure it won't be Jenson. I am leaning towards Hamilton or Vettel but time will tell.

9. Best rookie driver

I have a feeling that Hulkenberg will give Barrichello a run for his money in the Williams... Frank is a wily old dog and has a good eye for a talented young driver.

10. Best rookie team

I reckon out of the new teams joining the grid, Lotus will be the best of a fairly mediocre bunch.

They have an experienced technical team, two race winning drivers and have done more testing than the other new boys.

Virgin did some testing during the Winter but were hampered by a lack of spares (and I read into that lack of cash).

The much vaunted US F1 team came to the end of the road before their car even left the factory due to financial meltdown. Their entry on the grid has cancelled. A US F1 team looks set to remain a pipe dream.

Campos Meta also plagued by financial problems has now metamorphosed under new owners into Hispania Racing Team - to be known as HRT - no sniggering at the back please! The car is complete but has not turned a wheel on track - please refer to prediction no 5 above...

Well that's my predictions over for now. At the end of the season I'll check back and see whether I'm a Derren Brown or a complete Muppet!


Glen said...

I can't believe you could last 90 whole seconds before getting bored of JH (ahem).

There is no way that if the car is up to speed, Brawn won't ensure that Schumacher will win far more than one race.

Sadly, I agree about Button.

Massa to win 1st race? hmm no Hamilton. I agree about the pressure being off and I certainly would love to see him beating Alonso, but Hamilton is going to win that race - remember where you heard it last !

Lights 2 Flag said...

Hi Glen - thanks for stopping by again.

90 secs - I was allowing for the theme music... :-)

I think the Merc is still slightly off the pace at present but now that Brawn has a lot more money to play with, I'm sure it will soon be up to speed.

I have a feeling Button may wilt under the pressure. Just look at what happened in the second half of last season.

I would also love to see Hamilton and McLaren win but my gut feeling says Massa.

We'll probably both be wrong come Sunday :-)