Monday, 26 July 2010

Ferrari are Back! (to their old tricks again)

My next blog post was to have been about my recent visit to the WTCC/F2 at Brands Hatch but having seen the debacle at the Hockenheimring on Sunday I felt compelled to write this rant instead!
For the first time in many a long year, I found myself actually agreeing with Eddie Jordan! (and that takes some doing).
We, the motor racing fans, who support and pay for the tickets, merchandise etc were robbed of a potentially classic race finish.
Ferrari's actions were totally indefensible and completely unnecessary.
Whether it had ended up a one two finish with Massa first and Alonso second or vice verse would have made absolutely no difference to the outcome of the constructors championship.
IF Alonso is to become World Champion once again does he really want to do it with race victories handed to him on a plate by a team mate?
IF he is the superior driver (he imagines himself to be), surely it would have been no problem for him to pass Massa with a LEGITIMATE move on the track?
It would seem that every time something does not go Alonso's way he throws a hissy fit like an adolescent schoolgirl.
Ferrari, like Renault beforehand, it would appear are prepared to pander to these outbursts.
If Massa really wants to become World Champion and is not just in Formula 1 to make money (like Eddie Irvine was in my opinion), he must now be regretting his recent decision to sign a new two year contract with Ferrari.
It is clear that all the time Alonso is in the same team, Massa will be expected to play second fiddle starting with the remainder of this season.
It was cringe worthy watching the pathetic farcical pantomime act put on my various Ferrari personnel post race to demonstrate that no team orders had been given. Even a casual observer of Formula 1 would have had no doubts as to what had just gone on.
Ferrari have been fined US $ 100 k and the matter has been referred to the FIA for further investigation.
Big deal.
The fine is a mere drop in the ocean for Ferrari with an annual budget which runs to hundreds of millions of dollars.
The FIA is now headed by ex Ferrari boss Jean Todt. Hmm, that'll be a very thorough and impartial investigation then I don't think.
The only sanction which would have any meaningful effect, to deter similar actions in the future and go some way to restore the sport's tarnished image would be a points deduction for both Ferraris.
Will it happen?
I think I have a greater chance of signing a Ferrari contract in 2013!

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Dai McCann said...

Great post, I couldn't agree more, how is Alonso going to win the title if he can't put the fastest car on pole and then he can't muster an overtake anywhere after the first 500 metres. If only all of the other drivers were Felipe Massa!
Can't believe all that boloney I was talking about being in awe of him when we doorstepped him at Silverstone - whining little git!