Saturday, 4 April 2009

McLaren - Another Spectacular Home Goal

It seems that McLaren have scored yet another spectacular home goal.
Following an enquiry after last weekends Australian GP it would appear the reason for Lewis Hamilton's subsequent disqualification was an instruction he received from a senior member of the McLaren team to withold information from the race stewards regarding the overtaking move on Jarno Trulli.
For the sake of ONE additional world championship point, McLaren now find themselves with NO points from the opening GP.
Add to this, Lewis Hamilton's reputation has been tarnished amid accusations in the press of him being a cheat and a liar.

A team of McLaren's experience should know better.

They should bear in mind that the FIA are already (in L2F's opinion) heavily biased against McLaren and therefore should know that they need to be squeaky clean at all times.

Is the only way to win the Formula 1 World Championship nowadays by cheating?

Could be. Michael Schumacher was a practicioner of the art and pulled more strokes than Jacqui Smith's hubbie over the years!

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