Sunday, 19 April 2009

Shut Up Flav! Briatore Lays Into Brawn

Renault F1 team boss and aging perma-tanned lothario Flavio Briatore has once again been shooting his gargantuan mouth off.

He has publically lambasted the Brawn GP team following their blistering start to the 2009 F1 season, thanks, according to Briatore, solely to their diffuser.

At the same time he has reffered to Brawn GP's drivers as a slow coach (Jensen Button - err who he recently tried to sign to Renault....) and a pensioner (36 year old Rubens Barrichello).

He is clearly talking out of his arse - as usual!

In qualifying for today's Chinese Grand Prix there was not a single Brawn GP car to be found on the front row of the grid!

The pole position went to Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing who's car does NOT use the contraversial diffuser used by Brawn GP.

Second on the grid is his own beloved Fernando Alonso..... using err ..... Renault's version of the contraversial diffuser he has been bellyaching about.

Don't suppose he complained about that.

Do us a favour Flav - keep it buttoned!!

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