Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ferrari threaten to quit F1 in 2010

Following the recent announcement of Max Mosley's proposed 2010 Formula 1 budget cap, Ferrari have today threatened to quit the sport if it is not rescinded.
This is clearly an idle threat.
The plain fact is, Ferrari needs Formula 1 and Formula 1 needs Ferrari.
Love them or hate them, Ferrari is an essential element of any Formula 1 season.
Ferrari may, as has been mooted in the past, try to set up or join a rival manufacturers championship. However, in the current financial climate do they really think this could be achiveable bearing in mind the costs involved in setting up a new championship from scratch?
On a practical note, Ecclestone has exclusive deals with all the circuits currently used for Formula 1 grand prix races so finding suitable venues (apart from tracks owned by Ferrari) would be difficult.
Do they think the public would really be interested in watching a race series with a handfull of different cars on the grid?
Mosley and Co would be cutting off their noses to spite their faces too if Ferrari were to pull out after more than half a century. Television audiences would plummet and ergo advertising revenues.
As is usual in Formula 1 nowadays the last people to be considered by either the F1 teams or the sport's governing body are the fans who ultimately pay their inflated wages!

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