Thursday, 14 May 2009

Now Renault & Red Bull Threaten to Quit F1 - Crisis Talks in London Tomorrow

Following the recent announcements from Toyota and Ferrari, Renault and Red Bull Racing have also now threatened to pull out of Formula 1 if radical changes are not made to the proposed 2010 budget cap.

In an effort to resolve the dispute, Formula 1 teams are due to meet Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone at a London hotel on Friday.

FIA boss Mosley, has attempted to railroad through a "voluntary" budget cap of £40m for the 2010 season. Teams opting for the budget cap would be allowed greater technical freedom than those operating outside the arrangement.

Whilst it is clearly imperative that the untenable levels of spending in Formula 1 are reigned in, at the same time it is absolutely non sensical to have cars from different teams operating under different technical regulations.

Teams wishing to enter the 2010 season have until the 29th May to submit their applicationsd.

With barely two weeks to go to this deadline the teams and the FIA are playing a high stakes poker game - as usual with scant regard to ordinary F1 fans.

Clearly with half the grid threatening to pull out of the 2010 season some form of compromise solution will have to be hammered out over the next few weeks and months.

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